Trahace – NPE

Brand identity, posters and social media design for techno parties and after parties.


Trahace’s project wants to introduce and share proper techno and house music in a right underground way. The main point of spirit Trahace’s events is focused on an alternative
clubbing side by gathering eclectic people and music programmation. We also try to developp an interesting meeting-place for free minded party-goers and electronic music lovers.


Party pic shot by Elodie De Geest

Dark or Colorful ?

As Trahace and NPE are two completely independent collectives, we designed posters and social media files totally differently.

You can see it by yourself, Trahace has a darker, more underground message to deliver so we work with dark shadows and glitches.

On the other hand, NPE wants it to be more joyful, that’s why we design colourful and eye catching visuals.